We create the turnkey VR training set for ophthalmologists empowered
by artificial intelligence.
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The simulator immerses the trainee in the studied eye disorder, and the digital coach tracks learning progress.
NOE-VR technologies
Realistic graphics is important
Medicine is a field with a dramatic cost of mistakes, so we think it is vitally essential to create realistic simulations. Our team has ophthalmologists with extensive experience in digital graphics, so we will certainly not miss a single important detail.
Eye tracking system
We use data from the eye trackers of the VR glasses to evaluate the quality of the learning process and define the subjects of particular interest of the trainee. This allows rating the readiness level for future professional real-life practice, emulating this experience in a safe but very realistic environment of VR.
AI technologies
Artificial intelligence is trained on data about the user's behavior, and physiological responses to the cognitive load. After a while, we get to know the student's individual features and understand the areas he can be successful as a doctor and where there are higher risks of harming the patient.
Road Map
The basic platform of the product is ready, so the time comes for collecting data for AI, testing, and getting feedback from potential customers and experts.
High quality & optimisation
Data scientists will tune the AI, and product developers will upgrade the product to correspond insights of experts.
MVP. Full scale
The product we were working on all that time is finally ready. Yet it has basic number of functions, but it is ready to be helping our customers to educate high-level professionals, not hurting or disturbing those who already are suffering - patients.
Attracting funding and revenue, also receiving more row data for the AI, we will be adding new functions and capabilities to the products. It is getting more and more universal and multitasking.
Meet Our Team
  • Andrey Demchinsky
    CEO, Co-founder, Ophthalmologist & Artist
  • Dinara Kagirova
    VR Developer
  • Iliya Tumanov
    AI Developer
  • Michail Vaulin
    3D Designer
  • Kirill Abrosimov
  • Elizaveta Shekoyan
    Co-founder & PR
  • Nataliya Anisimova
    Co-founder & Ophthalmologist
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